Project Description

The massive 3,300,000 sq m King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh will be a pedestrian-friendly center in Riyadh with a monorail and solar-powered skywalk bridges. Façades will include building integrated solar-cells and the cladding material will be sourced locally so that the project’s carbon footprint will be less onerous. It will feature a variety of “green” initiatives. Water features will bring temperatures down by up to 8 degrees Celsius and shading to will mitigate excess solar gain such that very little mechanical cooling will have to be used.

The various retail, financial, residential, and cultural facilities will have green roofs that provide insulation and smart lighting solutions that will further ensure that energy use is kept to a minimum.

Services Provided To:

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   PERMASTEELISA             Two Survey Teams
                                                    to execute survey works on THREE Parcels simultaneously

   SCHELDEBOUW              Three Survey Teams
                                                      to execute survey works on FOUR Parcels simultaneously

   GARTNER                           Three Survey Teams
                                                      to execute survey works on FOUR Parcels simultaneously

Our duties involved:

  • Performing joint surveys with Main Contractor Surveyors Saudi Bin Laden
  • Performing joint surveys with Consultants Dar al Riyadh
  • Attending meetings on behalf of contractor to discuss technical survey issues
  • Setting-Out base points on concrete slab and steel for bracket installation
  • Transference of datum to each level
  • As-Built Surveys of concrete and steel structures
  • Monitoring bracket and panel position