Project Description

Al Raha Beach is set to become one of the greatest waterfront cities in the world with over 11km of dynamic living and eleven precincts will emerge within one waterfront development, each with its own distinct personality and appeal. Al Muneera consists of a neighbourhood of 25 hectare waterfront precinct of the 10.5km long Al Raha Beach Development with a mix of luxury living on the waterfront overlooking the canal, as well as distinctively designed multi-storey apartment buildings.  The development comprises a mix of mid-rise 14-storey apartment blocks, surrounded by landscaped terrace gardens, together with 3, 4, & 5 bedroom townhouse and villa units facing the canal and waterfront.  A modern 14-storey office tower links the mainland site to the island site via a pedestrian retail bridge which arrives at the Al Raha Beach front lined with café, restaurant and retail outlets.

Services Provided To:

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One Survey Manager and 5 Survey Teams
    to execute survey works on NINE Towers simultaneously

Our duties involved:

  • Attending meetings on behalf of contractor to discuss technical survey issues
  • Setting-Out base points on concrete slab and steel for bracket installation.
  • Transference of datum to each level.
  • As-Built Surveys of concrete and steel structures.
  • Monitoring bracket and panel position.