Project Description

One Angel Square will serve as the head office of the Co-operative Group. The building is part of the £800 million NOMA development in the northern quarter of Manchester city centre. The £100 million landmark building will be one of the most sustainable large buildings in Europe. It will have a biodiesel cogeneration plant using rapeseed oil to provide electricity and heat. It will make use of natural resources, maximising passive solar gain for heat and using natural ventilation through its double-skin facade, adiabatic cooling, rainwater harvesting and waste heat recycling.

The building’s exterior has a double skin facade with a cavity between its inner windows and the outer glass panel structure. The double skin facade is for sustainability and aesthetic reasons – and allows for greater control of heating and ventilation, and accentuates the three curved corners of the building. To accentuate the form further, the exterior aluminium structure holding the glass panels in place has been anodised in a bronze-coloured finish, so it will shimmer in the sun.

Services Provided To:


Waagner Biro

One Survey Manager and 2 Survey Teams
      to execute survey works on this technically-challenging structure

Our duties involved:

  • Attending meetings on behalf of contractor to discuss technical survey issues
  • Setting-Out base points on concrete slab and steel for bracket installation.
  • Transference of datum to each level.
  • As-Built Surveys of concrete and steel structures.
  • Monitoring bracket and panel position.